We don’t need American troops, Iraqi Prime Minister

We don’t need America, Iraqi Prime Minister

We don’t need American troops, Iraqi Prime Minister

Baghdad: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazmi has said that we no longer need American troops to fight in the war. According to the foreign news agency, Mustafa Al-Kazmi’s statement came at a time when he is expected to visit the United States where he will meet with US President Joe Biden.

The Iraqi prime minister has not announced a final date for the withdrawal of US combat troops, but has said there is no need for foreign troops on Iraqi soil. He said Iraq’s security forces and military were capable of defending the country without US-led coalition forces.

Mustafa al-Kazmi said any withdrawal schedule would be based on the needs of Iraqi forces, who have demonstrated their capability in the operation against ISIS. “A special timetable is needed for the fight against ISIS and the preparation of our forces, and that depends on the negotiations we will have in Washington,” he said.

The two leaders are expected to meet at the White House on Monday to finalize the evacuation time frame. It should be noted that there are currently 2,500 American troops in Iraq.

Late last year, former US President Donald Trump ordered a reduction of 3,000 troops.

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