Reality Show Big Boss Host: Salman Khan Out?

Reality Show Big Boss Host: Salman Khan Out?  Kiran Johar In

Reality Show Bigg Boss Host: Salman Khan Out?

Mumbai: India’s world-renowned director and film producer Kiran Johar will now host the popular reality show Big Boss instead of Salman Khan.

Karan Johar will host the new episode of Bigg Boss digital episodes.Indian streaming platform Vote said this through its Twitter account.  A picture of Karan Johar has also been shared on his Twitter account.In this regard, Indian media says that Karan Johar will only host a few episodes aired on Vote. 

Karan Johar is also known worldwide for his TV shows Kafi Wadh Karna. According to media reports, after Karan Johar, once again the host of Bigg Boss, well-known film star Salman Khan will be the host. Actor Salman Khan has consistently hosted Bigg Boss and the audience loves his hospitality. 

He also received a record hosting fee last season. Karan Johar, who is hosting the new season of Bigg Boss, says that he is very excited about this because it will make his mother’s dream come true. According to Karan Johar, he and his mother are big fans of Bigg Boss and don’t forget to watch a single episode of it.The reality show Bigg Boss OTT will be aired on Indian streaming platform Vote from August 8.

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