India has made Afghanistan a hotbed of terrorism against Pakistan, Moeed Yousuf

India has made Afghanistan a hotbed of terrorism against Pakistan, Moeed Yousuf

National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousuf has said that India has made Afghanistan a stronghold of terrorism against Pakistan, India must stop terrorism in Pakistan.

In his second interview to Indian journalist Kiran Thapar, National Security Adviser Dr Moeed Yousuf made it clear that talks could not take place unless India withdraws its unilateral and aggressive move in occupied Kashmir.

Dr Moeed Yousuf said there was evidence of sabotage by India to undermine regional peace.

He made it clear to the Indian journalist that the fabric of the Lahore blast is connected with India and the evidence of it has also been laid out.

The national security adviser said. The Indian government is pursuing the RSS and fascist agenda, Pakistan has always been striving for peace but India’s Hindutva thinking is getting in the way. The Indian Foreign Minister admitted that India used the FATF for political purposes.

Some Afghan officials are spoiling relations by making hateful statements, Moeed Yousaf said

Dr Moeed Yousuf said that Pakistan would continue to work for a political solution in Afghanistan, raising the question in Pakistan as to whether a decent attitude could be expected from the Modi Hindutva government.

The National Security Adviser asked the Indian journalist why Modi was being matched with Hitler in India. Karan Thapar had no answer to this question.

Dr. Moeed Yousuf expressed regret over the situation of Corona in India. National Security Advisor also invited Karan Thapar to visit Pakistan.

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