Illegal residents should leave the country by August 14: Sheikh Rasheed

Illegal residents should leave the country by August 14: Sheikh Rasheed

Illegal residents should leave the country by August 14: Sheikh Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that illegal immigrants should leave the country by August 14. Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told a press conference that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was going to form a single government in Azad Kashmir.

  The PPP increased the number of seats in the elections by only 2 to 3 despite spending notes in sacks. He said that every effort would be made in the next elections to have a PTI government in Sindh as well. 

Nawaz Sharif is anti-army, anti-establishment and anti-Imran Khan. He does not make speeches from outside but if he wants to come back, he is ready to send a chartered plane. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that if Nawaz Sharif can change turbans with Modi and Jundal, he can do anything. 

They will also cry for fraud in 2023. He said that a new system of renewal and correction of identity cards would be introduced in NADRA soon while announcing the rejection of 840 block identity cards.

  You will be given the opportunity to verify the suspicious identity card online. The Federal Home Minister said that those residing in Pakistan illegally should leave the country by August 14. 

Fees for online visa applicants will be waived until August 14. He said that 45 Afghan Army personnel who have been given shelter will be returned in a dignified manner. 

The process of fencing 90% of the border has been completed. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that India was working with Israel to steal Pakistan’s data.  The Chinese system should be here and corrupt people and murderers should be put to death. “Being interior minister does not mean forgetting my time, but I am the ground minister, not the space minister,” he said.

  I will go to the border and eat with the soldiers.  I will drink tea. Regarding the Pakistan Army, the Home Minister said that the Pakistan Army is the greatest army in the world and Nawaz Sharif is a product of the Gate no 4 but speaks ill of the army.  He can never come to power again.  No one knew Nawaz Sharif before General Jilani.

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