Copa America, Messi’s first title for Argentina

Copa America, Messi’s first title for Argentina

Copa America, Messi’s first title for Argentina

In the last few weeks, the activities of world football have been on the rise and the eyes of the spectators have been fixed on the grounds because of copa america. The race to become the regional champion has started in two continents of the world at the same time.

Argentina clinched the title after 28 years by beating hosts Brazil 1-0. Lionel Messi, who has won numerous trophies for Barcelona, ​​won a world title for the first time for the national team, before reaching the World Cup final. 

Argentina were defeated by Germany and Messi missed out on winning the title. Although he made up his mind to say goodbye to international football, he changed his mind and now the Copa America is his dream

Interpreted. Messi is popular all over the world because of his unique game, he has a large number of fans in Pakistan, after the success of the Copa America in the Malir area of ​​Karachi, his fans also celebrated on their own.

The Copa Am 20rica 2021 has been plagued by problems since its inception, initially co-hosted by Colombia and Argentina. Like the Euro Football Championship, the event was delayed by a year due to Corona. 

Apologies for hosting and then Argentina withdrew due to the spread of Corona, then hosting the 47th edition of the Copa America was handed over to Brazil, where the event was held from 13 June to 10 July, after 1991 it  It was the first time that no guest team could be invited to the Copa America.

The 10 teams participating in the event were divided into 2 groups. Matches took place in 5 stadiums in four Brazilian cities, Argentina won the Copa America trophy for the 15th time overall, Colombia beat Peru to finish third, scoring 65 goals in 28 matches. 

Lionel Messi and Luis Diaz were the top scorers with 4, 4 goals respectively. Messi was named the best player of the event while Emiliano Martinez was named the best goalkeeper. The Brazilian team was awarded the Fair Play Award.Italy, on the other hand, won the Euro Football Championship 2020 trophy. In the final held at Wembley, the host England lost on penalties. The final was very interesting and thrilling. 

Defending champions Portugal proved to be the guest of the pre-quarter finals during the event, the journey of the current world champion France also ended at the same stage. Belgium, the top team in the FIFA world rankings, has been knocked out of the quarter-finals, Spain has been knocked out of the semi-finals by Italy, while Denmark’s story has been knocked out by England in the final four. 

Although the Euro event was held in 2021, the official name of the event has been retained as Euro 2020. The European football governing body UEFA, instead of holding the 2020 event in one or two countries, held it in 11 different countries in the region.  24 teams participated, there are 46 matches, Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded the Golden Boot trophy for scoring 5 goals. After the final, the English spectators showed great disorder and the scenes outside Wembley Ground continued to make headlines on social media. Police officers were also injured in the commotion while the Italian team was returning home. 

Recently, Italian President Sergio Materella presented a national award to the team that won the Euro Football Championship. Coach Roberto Mancini was awarded the Merit of the Italian Republic.  In public, Captain Giorgio Chanelli was awarded the title of “Officer” while other members of his team were awarded the title of “Cavalry”.

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