Afghan Forces Strategy: US Secretary of Defense

Afghan Forces Strategy: US Secretary of Defense

Afghan Forces Strategy: US Secretary of Defense

Alaska: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has explained the combat strategy of the Afghan forces, saying that their main goal is to weaken and weaken the Taliban’s fighting force.

Speaking to media in Alaska, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the first goal of the Afghan security forces is to reduce the Taliban movement’s attempt to gain control of more land in the country, according to Reuters. And to reduce their power.

According to the news agency, retired General Lloyd Austin of the army said that the Afghan forces are also consolidating their position in the most important areas as part of their war strategy.

Explaining the most important areas, the Secretary of Defense said they include the capital, Kabul, and other key cities and border areas. He said Afghan forces were also focused on protecting the country’s infrastructure.

Lloyd Austin claims that Afghan security forces are capable of advancing, but it remains to be seen what happens next. He said Afghan forces should first slow down the Taliban’s advance, which is in their best interest and the best strategy in the current situation.

The US military is preparing to end its mission in Afghanistan by August 31. This is the complete evacuation of President Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden recently acknowledged in a speech that the Taliban are currently in the strongest military position since 2001.

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